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Documentation for the WormJam Genome Scale Model

About Us

WormJam (short for Worm Jamboree) is a platform for community effort towards reconciliation of existing and expansion of the unified C. elegans metabolic reconstruction. With the increasing recognition of metabolism as being of pivotal importance for ageing, development, disease mechanisms as well as evolution, the availability of a community-driven consensus reconstruction of C. elegans metabolism will lay the foundation for bringing C. elegans to the forefront of metabolism research.

As part of this effort, our objectives within the WormJam community are:

We are seeking contributors from all aspects of C. elegans biology. Please join the discussion here.


WormJam was born from the hard work of many people.

Special thanks to (in alphabetical order):

  • Marta Artal-Sanz
  • Sven Bergmann
  • Bart Braeckman
  • Jake Bundy
  • Filipe Cabreiro
  • Olivia Casanueva
  • Paul Dobson
  • Paul Ebert
  • Arwen Gao
  • Janna Hastings
  • Jake Hattwell
  • Hooman Hefzi
  • Riekelt Houtkooper
  • Rob Jelier
  • Chintan Joshi
  • Christoph Kaleta
  • Varun Kothamachu
  • Nicolas le Novère
  • Nathan Lewis
  • Artur Bastos Lourenço
  • Abraham Mains
  • Yu Nie
  • Povilas Norvaisas
  • Juliette Pearce
  • Cristian Riccio
  • Nicolas Rodriguez
  • Sean Sadykoff
  • Toon Santermans
  • Pasquale Scarcia
  • Horst Joachim Schirra
  • Frank Schroeder
  • Ming Sheng
  • Reuben Smith
  • Manusnan Suriyalaksh
  • Benjamin Towbin
  • Mary Ann Tuli
  • Michel van Weeghel
  • Michael Wakelam
  • David Weinkove
  • Michael Witting
  • Aleksandra Zečić
  • Johannes Zimmermann
  • … as well as many others

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